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Awesome dev tools that I rarely use now

Published on 13 Nov 2018 by Mithun Shanbhag

This is a list of really awesome tools, apps and utilities that were used very heavily by me in a past life. I still whip these out whenever needed, but I really don’t use them on a daily basis anymore.

Pretty much all of these are “Windows OS centric” or “.Net framework centric”.

Thought I should take a small trip down the memory lane and capture these tools here in a blog post. Hopefully someone will find this list useful.

Debugging tools for Windows: This includes a family of Windows debuggers and related diagnostic utilities. An “absolute must have” for developers who primarily work on the Windows platform.

Diagnostic tools for .Net framework: Quite a few of the tools on this list were authored by my awesome co-workers on Microsoft’s Common Language Runtime team (they started out as internal-only tools, but grew in usefulness over time and were then publicly shipped).

Sysinternals suite: An awesome, awesome suite of diagnostic & administration tools for Windows. Looks like there is now an effort underway to port these tools to linux.

Other miscellaneous Windows diagnostic utilities

IDEs, code editors and related stuff

Windows administration tools

I’m pretty sure there were a couple more .Net and Windows tools that I’ve forgotten about. Know of any? Would love to hear from you, please leave a comment below or send me a tweet.

That’s it for today folks!